Usage of non available metric names or metric labels in some pmm dashboards

I installed the docker version of the latest version 2.35.0 and added some first xtradb nodes to this installation.

One of the first things I realized was, that some of the used metric-names or metrics labels just not exists in the VictoriaMetrics datasource.

2 things I found are:
MySQL / MySQL Instances Overview: the whole variables configured there are empty because it looks like the mysql_up metric does not include some of the labels used there.
The metric looks like:
{name=“mysql_up”, agent_id=“/agent_id/0d65b996-d3eb-46e9-b464-cfaf48c74cda”, agent_type=“mysqld_exporter”, instance=“/agent_id/0d65b996-d3eb-46e9-b464-cfaf48c74cda”, job=“mysqld_exporter_agent_id_0d65b996-d3eb-46e9-b464-cfaf48c74cda_hr”, machine_id=“/machine_id/d921dfc6759a428298454da141e461d3”, node_id=“/node_id/838c2de9-4389-498e-b792-a77c75dccbad”, node_name=“db03”, node_type=“generic”, service_id=“/service_id/9ff7bb9f-95c5-4cb7-9311-4598a2c9f2a0”, service_name=“db03-mysql”, service_type=“mysql”}

but there is access like
label_values(mysql_up, cluster)
where no cluster label is defined.
Same for labels region, environment and replication_set
Have I to configure something special for some special node setups?

Second example is:
PXC/Galera Cluster Summary
Under Graph “Average Galera Replication Latency” the is a metric called
referenced with ‘aggregator=“Average”’ filter

But in the existing metrics there are only those metrics:

We are using:
/usr/local/percona/pmm2/exporters/mysqld_exporter --version
mysqld_exporter, version 0.14.0 (branch: , revision: )
build user:
build date: 2023-02-22T07:40:26+0000
go version: go1.19.1
platform: linux/amd64

coming with pmm2-client=2.35.0-6.buster:

aptitude show pmm2-client
Package: pmm2-client
Version: 2.35.0-6.buster
State: installed

Somehow there is something mixed up …
Do I doing something wrong?

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Oh no :see_no_evil:
Found the bug report:

But this only addresses the wrong label names and a fix is already committed … great.
But this not addresses the missing labels “mysql_up{cluster=”:…"}.

Will do more research how this may be can be set.
Looks like this could kind of feature, but its unclear for me, how this labels can be set within the pmm-agent …