upgrade pmm server on AWS and preserve data

Hello, on https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/deploy/server/upgrade.html#upgrade-server it’s suggested to terminate the currently AWS instance and re-instantiate a new one with the updated AMI, but what about the data?? how can we preserve the historical data and import them in the new/updated instance?


Hi Sandro,

it is possible to update AMI, but please wait two days, I will provide update instructions in this thread.
we need to carefully check some AMI update related functionality.

Hi Sandro,

please keep in mind that AMI and OVF images are experimental.
so we still developing the automatical update for PMM images.

you can find update button in the right bottom corner of the main page.
and update you PMM Server up to 1.1.3 version right now