Update PMM OVA in closed environnement

Hello all,

Thanks for developing such a wonderful monitoring solution,
I am currently testing/using PMM in a closed off environment.
With private repositories & proxy access

And have successfully managed upgraded the OVA template from PMM 2.26 → 2.27 by changing the yum.repos configurations to use our proxy or our cached repository. (i guess can be solved by setting the proxy at the environment file, did not test that yet)

Everything worked fine till the playbook doing the updated failed as it set’s up the repositories for clickhouse ,

Which contained lines to setup clickhouse repository
Altered the role/playbook to use the repository/proxy

So why the role is using the old deprecated repository for clickhouse,
And also not an LTS version of clickhouse ?

instead of

Finally PMM finished the updates

Is there a way to contribute and share/patch the role ?

Thanks a lot

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Hello @Momo_El,
All of our software is public and open source. You can take a look here for contributions:

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