Unknown variable 'tokudb_enabled'

I’m trying to upgrade a server to mysqld 8.0.27-18, and with the depracation of TokuDB, I get this:
2022-04-04T15:32:17.612634Z 6 [ERROR] [MY-000000] [Server] Plugin tokudb reported: 'As of Percona Server 8.0.26-16, the TokuDB storage engine and backup plugins have been deprecated. They will be completely removed in a future release. If you need to continue to use them in order to migrate to another storage engine, set the loose-tokudb_enabled and loose-tokudb_backup_enabled options to TRUE in your my.cnf file. Please see this blog post for more information https://www.percona.com/blog/2021/05/21/tokudb-support-changes-and-future-removal-from-percona-server-for-mysql-8-0'

However, if I add loose-tokudb_enable=TRUE or tokudb_enable=TRUE, I get this error:
unknown variable 'tokudb_enabled=TRUE'..

I guess I’m the last user of TokuDB, but I need to do this last upgrade before migration. How do I pass this magical tokudb_enabled setting?

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The recommendation would have been to migrate off TokuDB before upgrading to 8.0. Do you still have the plugin enabled?

This shouldn’t matter but did you use ‘loose-’ or ‘loose_’ ?

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Indeed, the solution is to put loose_tokudb_enabled=TRUE in the config file.
I was using TokuDB with version 8.0.22 just fine. The lack of question on this forum was mostly due to the fact that it’s been working well for us.

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