I want setting percona-server 8.0.25-15

I used tokudb in Mariadb.
However, support has ended and percona has also ended it.
So I want to install version 8.0.25-15.

I get an error when installing with dpkg on ubuntu 20.

dpkg: error processing archive percona-server-common_8.0.25-15-1.focal_amd64.deb (–install):
pre-dependency problem - not installing percona-server-common
Errors were encountered while processing:

When installing with dpkg, only percona-mysql-router and mysql-common are installed.

I’m new to installation, can’t I install that version with ppa?

The reason I want tokudb is because index search speed is more than twice that of rocksdb.
My data is 300gb and tokudb gives much better results when retrieving it.

So I want to install tokudb . I would appreciate it if you could show me the easy way.

TokuDB is dead, you need to move off of it. MariaDB TokuDB and Percona TokuDB are not binary compatible, meaning you can not uninstall MariaDB and Install Percona TokuDB and expect that Percona TokuDB will operate properly on your binary data files. I am not able to answer your specific packaging question, but only to advise you that you are playing a dangerous game where you will no longer be able to perform upgrades and take in security fixes.

George O. Lorch III
Director of Server Engineering, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Percona XtraBackup

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Thank you for answer.
I’m building a new server, and the Tokudb engine is the best choice for me.
I have too many databases, and I have run many engine tests such as Elasticsearch, InnoDB, Aria, and mroonga, but tokudb has the best performance.
It’s a pity that good engine support has ended. It was a very nice engine.
Until we build a new server with DDR5, we will use that engine. (although even then the Tokudb engine might be the best)
I’m trying to work with docker.
Thank you for your valuable reply.

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If you want to install old versions you can do this via Percona Distribution:
install percona-release package and enable needed distribution version:

wget https://repo.percona.com/apt/percona-release_1.0-27.generic_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i ./percona-release_1.0-27.generic_all.deb
sudo percona-release enable pdps-8.0.25 release
sudo apt update
sudo apt install percona-server-server
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Thanks for the reply. I hope you have a nice day.

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