unable to change the server setting in percona grafana 4.0.2

please share any documents related this issue

can you explain issue more detailed?
what are you changing?

now able modified the grafana4.0.2 smtp setting successfully and send test mails working fine. but unable to send alert mails.
“alerting support for queries using template variables” also Alerts throws 400 Bad request. How to fix the issue.Please provide simple solution.

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Hi Vishwanath,

Peter prepared great article how to configure alerting with templated dashboards - https://www.percona.com/blog/2017/02/02/pmm-alerting-with-grafana-working-with-templated-dashboards/
Alerting in grafana is very new and still under development.

btw, it is recommended to update PMM Server and client to the latest version.

Unable to get alert mail when increase the space on mount point /tmp but some time send mail shows no-data . how to set alert for mount point (root,var,opt,tmp). one more point how to get metric name in alert mail. Please find the attached screen shot

docker ,PMM-1.0.7 and grafana-4.0.2 packages

Hi Vishwanath,

unfortunately, grafana don’t support such thing right now
But you can add instance name to the legend. [LIST=1]
[]Open dashboard
]Click on the title of needed graph with alert
[]Select “Edit”
]Choose the “Metrics” tab
[*]add “{{ mountpoint }}” string inside “Legend format” field.