Unable to add prometheus datasource

Error reading Prometheus: client_error: client error: 404: details: {“error”:“Object Not Found”,“reason”:“Not Found”}

We are getting above error when adding new metrics.

We are able to access the url in browser and inside the docker container.



What are you trying to set up when you get these errors? Also, what PMM version are you using?

PMM from 2.12 onwards is not using Prometheus anymore, so this is either a very old version (if you still have prometheus showing in PMM server services), or you are not selecting the data source correctly.



Current version: 2.33.0

Install as docker container.

we are trying to add external rabbitmq exporter.

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And how are you trying to add the external exporter exactly? Can you send us commands used and outputs?
Since you are using version 2.33, Prometheus is no longer used, and we are now using (the compatible) VictoriaMetrics for handling metric-related data. Given this, I find the error message you posted there very strange. How did you arrive to that error?