Ubuntu 24.04 Packages


I am planning to upgrade my machines to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS in the near future.
I today noticed, that https://repo.percona.com/ does not yet seem to provide packages for Ubuntu Noble for

  • MySQL Server 8.0.X
  • ProxySQL2
  • Percona XtraDB-Cluster Server

Can you maybe share a roughly estimated timeline on when you plan to provide Packages for Ubuntu 24?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hello @mmbih5ro,
As Ubuntu 24.04 was just released last week, our development team will be adding this OS to our build pipelines, and possibly deprecating older OS releases. The short answer is “they will get to it when they get to it” :slight_smile: Most of our customers do not upgrade to newest releases right away, preferring to stay 1 or 2 versions behind for stability/compatibility reasons.

Be patient, we will make an announcement here in the forums when the new OS is ready.

Hey @mmbih5ro
We will add support for ubuntu 22.04 once upstream mysql would add support for ubuntu 22.04

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preferring to stay 1 or 2 versions behind

2 versions behind is almost EOL, given that there’s a version every 2 years, with a standard support for 5 years.
If you install a server now that’s not business-critical (let’s say a replication slave), it makes more sense to use Ubuntu 24, which will be maintained for a longer period than Ubuntu 22, that will need to be replaced in 3 years.

However upstream has added support in 8.0.37, hope you guys we’ll be able to build it soon :slight_smile:

Hello @Francesco_Montanari,
At Percona, we have tens of thousands of customers. I think you’d be surprised how many companies do not upgrade their OS to the next major version within a year of its release. Most don’t even bother upgrading at all, preferring to stay on something stable vs something new, and shiny. I’ve got customers on 5+ year old OS because “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentally.

I believe you :smiley:
I also have ~30 servers and I can’t keep all of them updated, and usually I only do that when the hardware is getting old or I need more resources, some or them have been up for 1500 days:


But that’s why when I set up a new server I plan for the long term… And also there are many more advantages, all the libraries and system utilities are at newer version, with quality of life, features, performance improvements etc…

however it’s not a huge rush, I’m sure it will be ready when possible.

Hi @matthewb, do you have any JIRA tickets for the 24.04 packages? I would be happy to subscribe and track the progress.

We don’t have a separate tickets for this tasks as it will be just a part of next release