Ubuntu 20.x Percona XtraBackup Windows 10 MySQL 8.0.23?


I have a machine running MySQL8.0.23 under Windows 10 Pro.

I would like to know if I can run XtraBackup latest under my ubuntu server 20.x LTS and backup my Windows Client ?


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Hi @klabacita,
xtrabackup is a physical backup tool for MySQL. It needs access to the disk on which MySQL is running. If you can mount your datadir to your Ubuntu as an NFS or Samba share, you might be able to do this but I’m pretty sure this is unsupported and untested.

Any particular reason you are running MySQL on Windows?

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Why? Specific windows sw requirements, some windows sys admins don’t like the idea to work with unknown system like Linux/Unix.

I will check other backup options, thanks for your input matthewb.

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