About the issues on running Percona Xtrabackup

I have been using mysql for a while and I have use mysqldump for performing backups and now I want to perform physical backup using the xtrabackup tool. I have successfully installed the xtrabackup too;, but when I try to eecute the xtrabackup command with the options “./xtrabackup --backup -u xxxx -p -S /tmp/mysql.sock --target-dir=/home/pc/mysql/sql/backup --datadir=/home/pc/mysql/sql/data --no-server-version-check” I’m encountering with a specific error which I have inserted in the jpeg file. In simple it shows that the innodb log files can’t be accessed like that, so anyone kindly help to solve this error

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Mostly this looks like a permissions issue. Can you check the MySQL Version and XtraBackup version.
We recommend same version of Percona Xtrabackup and MySQL Server for taking backups. So, Check the permission first , match the versions if not working.

Note: As per the screenshot, MySQL Version is 8.0.31 and please refer here for compression details starting with Percona XtraBackup 8.0.31-24.

Yeah sir I’m currently using Mysql 8.0.31 and percona xtrabackup version 8.0.26, whether thats the reason for the error ?

The command in the screenshot shows you are trying to take a backup to the MySQL datadir location.
could you correct the target dir location or use a different location and try?

./xtrabackup --backup -u xxxx -p -S /tmp/mysql.sock --target-dir=/home/pc/backup --no-server-version-check

Yeah let me try it with the solution you gave