Two Node Cluster geographically spreaded , where should I put the Arbitrator?

Hi everyone,

this is the first post I write here in the percona forum!
I’ve read a lot of blog post and watched a lot of webinars about percona xtradb cluster, but there’s something it’s not clear to me.


  • 2 kubernetes clusters - 500Km each other apart on a private network
  • On both of them a single application which writes on a Mysql DB. No Updates, only Insert and Select. 1 Insert per second on average, Select of the inserted data after one second
    on average.


Geo distribute the application. Share DB in Multi-Master sync replica.
I plan to use the percona kubernetes operator to deploy a percona xtradb cluster on each cluster.

I’ve got only 2 Datacenters on two different locations. So I plan to use an arbitrator to handle the even number of geo sites.


  • Does it make sense to put an arbitrator on both 2 datacenters near each percona cluster?
    I would have 2 arbitrators, but it’s not clear to me if this design could work. Otherwise, I should find another geographical site where to put the arbitrator.

  • Feasibility: Is it enough test the RTT between the geo sites, and follow the “callaghan law” of 1 update per RTT?

Thank you so much.



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Hi syphon, I wouldn’t advise PXC over multi DC scenario. See How Not to do MySQL High Availability: Geographic Node Distribution with Galera-Based Replication Misuse - Percona Database Performance Blog

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