two clusters in one Kubernetes

Can I build two separate Percona clusters in one Kubernetes in two different namespaces?
How should I do that?

Separate cluster operators? or maybe one?

Just start a separate operator in each namespace.
also, you can run a few clusters in one namespace, clusters should have different names.

thanks, will try

no luck

I used files from my working cluster and changed mainly the name and secrets
then applied them in a separate namespace (except crd.yaml that is applied in a default one)

unfortunately *-db-pxc fails to start
I can see

Access denied for user 'clustercheck'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

but I am not sure if this is my problem

log attached (7.46 KB)

@eleaner Verify your passwords in your secrets file. Looks like the password being used is not correct.

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