Trying to understand show innodb status

Dear All,
I have typed this command of show innodb status. So I dont quite get the values as I am trying to understand the log section. My values are as below I dont understand for loq sequence, log flush and checkpoint got 2 number 0 and 76508130. So what does both that value reprsents ? Thanks.

Log sequence number 0 76508130
Log flushed up to 0 76508130
Last checkpoint at 0 76508130
0 pending log writes,
0 pending chkp writes
8 log i/o’s done,
0.00 log i/o’s/second

Please see this post: tatus-walk-through/
Hope that it helps.

Dear Debug,
I have gone through the site before. I have read through but I am still quite confuse. I would just like to check with you. So in my case Log sequence number 0 76508130 means 0 byte written to my log file is it? How about the value 76508130 what doest it represents? So when will the log file will be written ? Thanks.