Transactions in PSMDB

When can I expect the implementation of the transactions’ mechanism in the PSMDB? Whether it is on a road map in the near future?

Best regards,
Mateusz Zygmunt

Thanks for reaching out! We’d love to have transactions in PSMDB and are able to fully support them from a Storage Engine perspective. Unfortunately, the lack of support is inherited from MongoDB, Incs upstream code. Currently, there is no “wrapper” in the Storage Engine API for a mult-doc “transaction.” The good news is that it seems as though work at MongoDB, Inc has begun on this. If you look at


in MongoDB 3.x, you’ll notice that there is a “transactions” section to the returned object. We will have to wait and see when they’re planning on implementing a more mature API for RocksDB & TokuFT to plug into. When that happens, you can be sure that we’ll be hard at work to utilize that ability.