How to build rocksdb support?

As far as I ca see, you should use “scons --rocksdb=on all” to build it, but I’ll get an error:

In file included from src/mongo/db/storage/rocks/src/rocks_parameters.h:32:0,
from src/mongo/db/storage/rocks/src/rocks_parameters.cpp:32:
src/mongo/db/storage/rocks/src/rocks_engine.h:40:27: fatal error: rocksdb/cache.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

Is it just me or there is something wrong with scons files?

Hi mareks,

There’s a script here which can build PSMDB 3.4 from github repo: [url]psmdb-misc-scripts/ at master · Percona-QA/psmdb-misc-scripts · GitHub
I have marked the lines which could be of interest to you, but you might as well use the whole script.
Before using it you need to do “git submodule init” and “git submodule update”.
Also notice the script builds the mongo tools also so you’ll need golang for that or just comment that part if you don’t need it.

Oh, that is really helpful. Thanks!