Transactional commit not supported by involved engine(s)

Hi team,

I have upgraded MariaDB from version 10.6.11 to 10.11.7
After the upgrade, I am getting “Transactional commit not supported by involved engine(s)” error while inserting record into a table.
Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Looks like you are trying to use transactions on an engine that does not support them. Please use ‘SHOW CREATE TABLE’ to identify the engine of the table.


I found this reference in the MariaDB release notes:

With Galera, when a transaction changes multiple tables that use different storage engines, some of which support the server’s internal 2-phase commit protocol and some of which don’t support it, the node crashes with an assertion failure.

  • Starting with this release, when Galera is enabled, mixed transactions are rejected in with the following error message:

ERROR HY000: Transactional commit not supported by involved engine(s)

I have seen that in the release notes. But all the tables in my schema use same storage engine that is InnoDB and I am getting the error while changing single table.

If a simple INSERT to this 1 table is causing this error, I suggest looking at the error logs, and possibly opening a ticket with MariaDB. You will need a repeatable test case, and provide the table schema along with the query you are running.