To determine that table resides in which datafile of the tablespace??


I am a newbie to the MySQL Cluster. I have a doubt. Hope someone will help me out.

I am using MySQL 5.1.15-beta version

My question is :

How can one get to know that which table in a database is stored in which datafile of the tablespace in which the table exists??

For example, a table (say) ‘abc’ belonging to database (say) ‘xyz’ is stored in the tablespace ‘ts_1’ and i have alloted two datafiles viz ‘data_1.dat’ and ‘data_2.dat’ to the tablespace ‘ts_1’. So now how will i know that the data of the table ‘abc’ is residing in which datafile i.e ‘data_1.dat’ or ‘data_2.dat’??

thanks in advance