the tag "snmp_community" is missing.

“The tag “snmp_community” is missing”.

Getting following error while trying to import zabbix_agent_template_percona_mysql_server_ht_2.0.9-sver1.1.6.xml to zabbix 3.0, I really appreciate if some one can suggest a solution for this.

Finally i figure it out… we need to import the same to to zabbix 2.0 and export to 3.0 :slight_smile:

For those who do not have a Zabbix 2 to import and export to Zabbix 3:

These are the fields that must be added to every item:




Also the 191st and 192nd items misses multiplier, units and formula tags.

The screen_items also misses elements, style and sort_triggers tags.

The triggers was missing the url, description and type tags.

The graphs should not have the following tags: graphtype, ymax_type and ymin_type, they must substituted by type, ymax_type_1 and ymin_type_1; must add yaxismin, yaxismax.

Here is the link to a “working” version of the template (tested on Zabbix 3.0.1):…cona_mysql.xml

It imports, Zabbix says it have created one application under the Percona MySQL Template, created items, but the template does not appear to be selected.

If someone could help it will be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Link is broken…