The RDBMS-only architecture for developing a FOSS product

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In this community can appreciate the scope of a recently published work, called “An RDBMS-only architecture for web applications”. This work describes from an academic point of view (and for the first time as far as I know) the architecture of Oracle APEX. During this work, we have been surprised by what seems to be a lack of relationship between academia and industry, and that Oracle does not have publications in the main conferences and journals that describe, for example, the architecture of APEX and defend its advantages for an academic public. But, after all, Oracle has no reason to advertise the techniques it has used to develop APEX. I truly believe that APEX is one of Oracle’s hidden gems, and is a reason for customers to continue to pay for Oracle Database licenses. What would happen if an open source community developed an RDBMS-only product on top of (for example) PostgreSQL? I really think this could represent a paradigm shift.

Do any of you know Oracle APEX? I think it’s worth spending some time to see how this product works, and imagine a similar (or better) product based on PostgreSQL.

If there is someone interested in the development of a product of this type, you can write to the emails that appear in the article.

The article, published by IEEE, is here: An RDBMS-only architecture for web applications | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

The full-text of the preprint is also available here: An RDBMS-Only Architecture for Web Applications

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