The ONLY services required for PERCONA !!!

Hello all,

My server at times has unusual load, i believe it is due to unnecessary services that are enabled on it.

Can some one point out “The ONLY services required” for a smooth flowing server to avoid any such inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and time :slight_smile:

Again, please hire someone to look at your servers. The questions you ask do not contain enough information and show that you would greatly benefit from someone who could show where the true problem lies.


My apologies again, But since i am not in a position to hire, hence all these questions., I appreciate your guidance all throughout.

I am attaching the list of services running on my server, Please let me know, which of them can i disable and ONLY enable
the required services.

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

running services.txt (3.73 KB)

As far as your chkconfig, it does not appear that you have much extra set to run by default.

I’d run “top” and see what is actually using up resources. Chances are it is just MySQL, but if anything else is using up a significant amount of CPU or memory post it here.

Your best bet is still going to be focusing on query optimization to start with. That will be your quickest fix to hopefully reduce load and give you some time short of throwing more hardware at it.

Thank you so very very much Scott :slight_smile:

Highly appreciate your inputs.

I’ll try to follow your suggestions and revert back accordingly.