The best way to setup multiple locations?


I’ve been racking my brain to figure out the ‘correct’ way to do this…here’s our ‘topology’

LocationA <—>
LocationB <—> [Central Server] <–> Location B1
LocationC <—>

In a nutshell…

There are multiple locations that write to a central server. Each location needs only THEIR data (but all the data must be stored in the same databaes at the central server)

Sometimes there my be more than one location for a customer (EX: ‘Location B1’ and ‘location B’) that needs to stay in sync with eachother.

The central server is on an external network from the locations. Locations may connect via dialup, dsl or cable modem. (And of course, I’m always concerned that their connection may go down.)

What’s teh best and easier way to write an app for this architecture? Some custom middleware that will cache the data betwen the ‘Location’ and the ‘Central Server’? Is there a mysql ODBC driver that does this automagically? Live connections directly to the mysql server?