Disaster Recovery/Hot Site

I’m wondering if any one has suggestions for software to use with MySQL for hot backup site.

We have our main data center in St. Louis and our secondary center in Seattle. So, geographically we have a bit of distance between machines. What we want is the ability to shutdown St. Louis (for maintenance only hopefully, but it’s called a disaster recovery solution for a reason) and have Seattle automatically take over. We are okay with having a manual recovery back if need be, but seamless both ways would be ideal.

I’ve looked at Clustering and DRBD. It doesn’t seem like either of those solutions are made for cross country fail over. We have replication in place so we could manually switch things over. I’ve looked at mCluster a little bit, but wasn’t really sure if it would work. Does anyone have any other suggestions on this issue?

I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks so much,

Recently I’ve setup MySQL failover between 2 data centers using Mon and Heartbeat. (http://kjalleda.googlepages.com/mysqlfailover) My situation may be a bit since I have a private LAN connection between the data centers that are within the same subnet. With this I was able to use a VIP. As in the example linked above both the Primary and Secondary servers are configured as Masters. In the event that the connection between the 2 data centers goes down, both clients will have access to the local servers. Once the link comes back up replication will “attempt” to sync the data.

Other options might be finding a method for redirecting the requests to the active server either through TCP redirection, MySQL proxy, or a DNS based failover/balancer ($$$ Cisco GSS $$$)