Telnet issues after fresh install - Connection to host lost

I replicated this issue on two machines and I am dumfounded to find no articles or postings on this matter. I can not be the only person who has ran into this issue on 2 different machines.

This is a fresh install of 4.1. I am tying to telnet through port 3306 and I receive the following message.

“D♦Host ‘MYSQLSERVER’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Connection to host lost.”

OK, no worries, I will make a root user that can control everything. After such a user is created and I attempt the telnet session I get the following garbage.


Connection to host lost.”


Evidently you can not telnet directly from the command prompt to a MYSQL server. You must have MYSQL installed in the client machine as well. From the /bin directory issue the following command to telnet to your MYSQL server.

mysql -u root -p -h <IP_number>