Data access from another system

How to enable network Percona database access in Percona mysql server?
I just add bind-address as my ip address in my.cnf. netstat shows that 3306 port is listen in my ip. But i cant able to telnet/mysql database access from another system

Did you set the bind-address to the IP of database server, or the IP of the other server you are trying to connect from? If you must have that set, then you need to set it to the IP of the server you are trying to connect from otherwise it will reject the connection. I’d recommend just taking bind-address out first (and restart the database server to pickup the change) to at least verify that you can connect normally without it, then add it back in if you want.

MySQL won’t let you start if you specify IP address not existing on the host, so setting wrong host’s IP is out of question.

Can you confirm the 3306 port is open on the host IP, and not just on loopback (127…)?
Then you should check your firewall and add appropriate rule if needed.

Did you setup correct privileges (host) for connecting user?