Telegram Alert Failing

We have installed pmm-server using docker. Our server uses Proxy Internet and has the necessary privileges for docker to “pull image”. Meaning, the Docker has internet access as well (although I am not sure if the containers does). Now, our Percona Telegram Alert is unable to send any alerts whenever we are testing. It shows the following error in log:

t=2021-12-07T05:39:51+0000 lvl=eror msg=“Failed to send webhook” logger=alerting.notifier.telegram error=“Post “”: dial tcp (IP-ADDRESS):443: connect: connection refused” webhook=Telegram_Vot

Any advice would definitely be appreciated!

I would say this is probably your issue. You can test this by shell’ing into the container itself and running various curl commands to some external websites. If those fail, then indeed, your container cannot access external internet.


If your server needs a proxy to access the internet you will also need to configure docker as well. Here are the ways you can do this (either config when docker starts → all containers; or as an env for the individual container).

Like @matthewb said though, easiest way is to execute docker exec -it <pmm-server-container> bash and you can test connectivity there (I typically yum install telnet as a quick and dirty test tool.

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It was. Thank you for your response!

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Thank you good Sir! It is working now.

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