tcpdump and mk-query-digest


First of all tank you a lot for the maatkit tools. )

I sometimes use tcpdump and mk-query-digest do create a load-snapshots. This is very useful on old 5.0 installetions.
I use these snapshots for example to benchmark certain config parameter changes.

Could it be that MK-QUERY-DIGEST does not normally print out Init_DB (0x02) commands? Or am I overlooking something?

The Maatkit sources are easy to read, so its was simple for me to add this output to MK-QUERY-DIGEST, so that “USE xyz” is written in the playbak sql stream.

Just to verify does it make sense to send a patch for this or is there another more elegant way for this which I’m not aware of?


Hi Gunnar,

It sounds like a bug. Can you bring this up on the maatkit mailing list and/or submit an issue report with a test case?