dump/reload in master-master

It looks like I have some InnoDB corruption on one of my masters in a master-master configuration. My thought was to dump, drop, and reload the data on that server.
What’s the best way to do that without messing up the other master?

My thoughts where to:
A = active master, no getting reloaded
B = passive master, getting dumped/reloaded
0. stop slave on B

  1. stop slave on A
  2. Disable bin_log on the B
  3. mysqldump the two databases on B
  4. Drop them on B
  5. reload them on B
  6. Reenable bin_log
  7. start slave on A

Is there an easier way?


You can also use maatkit to synchronize data. Please see http://www.maatkit.org/

That’s awesome, thanks!

It appears that the corrupt pages are in some indexes.

Do you think it’s enough to run ALTERs on every table and then verify the data with maatkit?