Tables getting locked on one server but working fine on another server

Hi All,

We have two servers: one is a test server and the other a production server. We have load of PERL modules running on both which uses Mysql tables. They are all MyISAM tables. The problem that we get (mentioned below) happens only on the test server (maybe because the hardware is not as good as the production) but I wanted to optimize the tables/queries so that all modules work perfect on both servers.

Now, one of our servers gets really slow because there are loads of queries running and the mysql database just gets locked because of many update queries running. I understand that MYISAM tables lock the entire table during the update operation. But my question is that how does it work perfect on the production server then? Or is it just a calamity waiting to happen on production too?

Apart from changing my tables to INNODB is there any other solution? Please do let me know

Well, it’s probably because production server is faster and queries are taking less time, and you don’t see locks because of it.
BTW, do you have any difference in mysql configs between production and test servers?