sysbench duplicate entries

I am running sysbench on a 3 node galera cluster with a DB that has 500M rows.

When running the benchmark I get a lot of “Err1062 Duplicate entry” errors that forces sysbench to exit.

I read somewhere that there is an option --mysql-ignore-duplicates=on that would fix this, but sysbench 0.4.12 on ubuntu oneiric does appear to support such an option.

My sysbench command line is as follows:

sysbench --test=oltp --db-driver=mysql --mysql-engine-trx=yes --mysql-table-engine=innodb --mysql-user=XXX–mysql-password=XXX --num-threads=256 --max-requests=73000 --oltp-table-size=500000000 --mysql-host=XXX --mysql-port=3307 --oltp-test-mode=complex --oltp-auto-inc=off --oltp-dist-type=uniform run

Is there anyway I can use sysbench on galera cluster without getting these errors?
I get these errors consistently and more and more as the time goes on. This makes using sysbench impossible.

meant to say sysbench does “not” support the option --mysql-ignore-duplicates

i have a similar problem.
i have a 3 nodes galera cluster. sysbench 0.4.12 on debian.

Prepare bench:
sysbench --db-driver=mysql --num-threads=32 --max-time=300 --max-requests=500000 --mysql-user=appuser --mysql-host=10.xx.xx.xx --mysql-port=33306 --mysql-password=‘xxxxxxxxx’ --oltp-auto-inc=off --test=oltp --oltp-test-mode=complex --oltp-table-size=5000000 --mysql-table-engine=innodb prepare

Run bench:
sysbench --db-driver=mysql --num-threads=32 --max-time=300 --max-requests=500000 --mysql-user=appuser --mysql-host=10.xx.xx.xx --mysql-port=33306 --mysql-password=‘xxxxxxxxx’ --oltp-auto-inc=off --test=oltp --oltp-test-mode=complex --oltp-table-size=5000000 --mysql-table-engine=innodb run

error messages:
ALERT: failed to execute mysql_stmt_execute(): Err1317 Query execution was interrupted
ALERT: failed to execute mysql_stmt_execute(): Err1062 Duplicate entry ‘2481816’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

the option “mysql-ignore-duplicates” is unkown

thank for your help.