Sysbench 0.5, Percona Cluster 5.6

I have setup 4 node cluster.
I have some running sysbench with 1 Billion rows and got this error messages.

ALERT: failed to execute MySQL query: INSERT INTO sbtest25 (id, k, c, pad) VALUES (5026271, 5637007, '67894853908-82323477439-35764256681-68010633357-7006 5672844-60405541375-05258161791-64624690741-33291279411-54664778504', '98923409164-86804189900-89556300600-64256471485-85250998854'):
ALERT: Error 1062 Duplicate entry ‘5026271’ for key ‘PRIMARY’
FATAL: failed to execute function `event’: (null)

sysbench --test=/usr/share/doc/sysbench/tests/db/oltp.lua --mysql-db=sbtest --oltp-table-size=10000000 --oltp_tables_count=100 --max-time=3600 --oltp-read-only=off --num-threads=32 --mysql-table-engine=innodb --mysql-user=root --mysql-password=password --report-interval=1 --max-requests=0 --percentile=99 --rand-init=on --rand-type=pareto --forced-shutdown=1 run

If change the --oltp-table-size from 10000000 to 10000, the sysbench is running without any issues.