Switching between perfschema and slow query log

Is there a way to make this switch on the client at all?

At the moment if I want to switch I end up removing the mysql using pmm-admin remove mysql and then add it back in with the new option.

Would be nice to just switch.

There are 2 ways:

  1. pmm-admin remove mysql:queries and add mysql:queries back with the other source. No need to remove the whole mysql group of services which includes mysql:metrics, linux:metrics, mysql:queries.
  2. You can switch query source on Query Analytics app, select instance and click gear icon to see settings. One thing to note, if you change query source on web ui, pmm-admin will still show the query source that was set initially but that’s not a problem. The query source shown on web ui is a real active query source in use. We will amend pmm-admin output to reflect web ui changes in the next releases.

Perfect thanks, I think I was getting confused as I was seeing what you mentioned in pt 2