Support for PMM behind a Ingress Reverse Proxy

We are using the Percona PMM server for monitoring an mongodb database cluster. We have exposed the PMM/Grafana client outside the cluster via Kubernetes Ingress. We which to use the default hostname, and route the traffic via a reverse proxy. We have been able to configure Grafana so work behind the proxy but PMM does not support the set of variable that would allow it to work.

Is this a feature we might expect in the future?

Hi Tim,

So you could access 443/80 port of PMM and see PMM UI/Grafana?
What do you mean PMM doesn’t work?

Some hints:

PMM has ngnix inside of a container, so you have three proxies on top of each other.

I am not a proxy expert, so it is hard to understand your configuration. Could you please share details of your configs for ingress and reverse proxy?