Support for Google Cloud Platform in PMM2

It’s possible to include support for GCP in the new version of PMM?

It’s mean to monitor the GCP instances & possiblity to download from the marketplace.

lorraine.pocklington it is possible?

Hi rpedrero
Thank you for the questions! I see two of them: [LIST=1]
[]When will PMM be able to monitor GCP DBaaS instances
]When will PMM be available in the GCP Marketplace
[/LIST] We already “support” GCP DBaaS in the sense of using PMM’s Remote Instances functionality. This gets you service level information (MySQL status counters and variables) but is lacking node level (CPU/Network/Memory/Disk activity)… We don’t have a specific timeline for either of them but our priority is for #1, we want eventual consistency in our support for the larger cloud platforms, so watch for us post PMM 2 GA to work on GCP integration with the API.
We’ll add PMM Server to the Marketplace once we are able to deliver on #1.

Hi Michael Coburn
Many thanks for your reply. I will wait for this features :slight_smile: