Suggession on mySQL driver


Currently we have a C++ multi threaded application which has 360 parallel connection with oracle DB and running stored procedures on the DB using OCI. A connection manager manages the connection pool.

we are evaluating the option of moving from oracle to mySQL.
Was just wondering which mysql driver to use.

With 360 parallel threads and approximately 6,00,000 stored procedure calls per hour whats the best type of client connection with mySQL.

ODBC provides a standard, can mySQL connector/ODBC is efficient enough …mySQL++ does not seems to be strong on multi threaded application support , mySQL connector/ODBC is beta version and not suited for production environment.

Request suggessions on this



Mysql is multi-threaded as well, try xtradb or mysql 5.1/5.4.

About SPs, its works different in mysql. In oracle you have advantages in mysql its just makes your life harder.

I think you should try mysql for smaller jobs before you move a whole application to mysql.