hyper-threading on RHEL 4 U6


I am setting up some new mysql servers. These servers have dual CPUs. I am wondering if I should enable hyper-threading on them from the get go?

Any advice is very much appreciated.




If the operating system has kernel level thread support, MySQL can take advantage from several CPUs and HyperThreading support. However the benefit, which you will get, highly depends on type of the load generated by your application. In case you have high CPU bound load coming from many concurrent connections you can get close to 100% performance increase from extra CPU as well as some 30% from HyperThreading. On the other hand if you are running queries using just single connection you are not likely to get any major performance improvement as MySQL executes one query in one thread and so it is using only one CPU.

http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/mysql_platform_ selection.html

Thank you.

That article is very useful.