Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) on InnoDB

I have seen tests made by Percona staff on open source DW DBMSs under SSB. My interest is to know how an OLTP-based DBMS (like InnoDB) would perform against a DW workload.

so, which set of indexes for MySQL InnoDB would you recommend for best performance on SSB?



hey Noah,

It would be good to know what post you want to point to. I guess this one by Vadim: echmark-infobright-infinidb-and-luciddb/

However, OLTP based engines or basically any engines provided by mysql works very poorly with OLAP and/or DataWarehousing.
If you take a look for the indexing method or the architecture and structure of InfoBright engine (for instance) you can easily see why.

You can do basic DW with partitioned tables by indexing and partitioning them in the right way, however your application should based on it too.

I hope I answered your question.