SSL enabled Proxysql - How to configure proxysql to allow only encrypted front-end connections?

I have enabled SSL for front-end connections in proxysql-2.5.5.

select * from global_variables where variable_name LIKE 'mysql-have_ssl';
| variable_name  | variable_value |
| mysql-have_ssl | 1              |

Connecting from java using mysql connector
​String url = “jdbc:mysql://hostname:6033/db?useSSL=false”;​​

Sharing audit log details

How to configure ProxySQL to throw error when connections are not encrypted ?

Hi Preethi, you need to do that on a per-user basis. Update the mysql_users table to feature use_ssl=1 for all users.

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Enabling use_ssl in mysql_users not for back-end connections ?
Would like to know about making SSL mandatory for frontend connections.

mysql_users is for frontend. For backend connections SSL is controlled by the mysql_Servers table.

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