SQL root password lost on XtradbCluster Percona, how to reset?

I have a big problem. I have crash my PC, so I lost the ROOT password to access a Perconna Xtradbcluster Databases.

I have access on the Centos ROOT user on clusters servers. (so not too bad) How can i change or reset the password without crashing all databases ?


mysql --version mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.41-37.0, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1 # service mysql status SUCCESS! MySQL (Percona XtraDB Cluster) running (7092)

You may use the same way to reset the password as described in MySQL documentation:
The only difference is that you will need to shutdown one node and restart it outside of the cluster (disabled wsrep_provider line). Once you reset the password on it, you should be able to put it back to the cluster and later issue ALTER USER command to again change the password on all nodes.


I found this tutorial : https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/mysql-resetting-a-lost-mysql-root-password/

I have 3 nodes on the percona XtraDBCluster.

Question 1)

  1. Does i need to stop FIRST the 2 others nodes before change the root password on the last one ?
    My think is, if i change the password on one node WITHOUT stop the 2 others nodes the new password will be crushed, when i will restart the mysql service.

Question 2)
2) Other think if i stop 2 nodes first, and change the password on the last one.
Then restart the mysql after the root password changed, and at end the end start the 2 nodes, the new password wil be distributed on the 2 others nodes ?

I don’t know if i am clear.