Sphinx-FTS index structure details?

I have been searching for quite a while about sphinx full text indexing structure and haven’t got specifically helpful results.
I intend to learn about sphinx indexing structure and answer these questions

  1. How does sphinx support FTS on multiple attributes of a single table?
  2. How does it support for FTS on multiple attributes of multiple tables?
  3. Does it allow the users to define materialized views to support search on multiple tables?

Any papers or links regarding this would be very helpful. Thanks a lot.

Sphinx doesn’t search tables. It searches an index, which you build from a query. You can write that query anyway you want, including JOINs.

It sounds like you might need to read through the Sphinx manual again. If you’ve already read it, give it another try; sometimes things make more sense the second time. Sphinx is a complex tool with lots to understand.

Thank you. I found the info I was looking in their source code docs and forums )