Some question about percona mongo backup tools?

Hi Guys,

Recently, am testing the percona mongo backup tool, some questions as below:

  1. Support for backup file encryption on local filesystem? As far as I know, It only support for AWS s3.
  2. Support for backup on parallel ? How to specify the parallel number on backup command?
  3. For PBM 2.0.3 , Support for physical backup by incremental ?


Hi Jason,

  1. PBM doesn’t support backup encryption. Physical backups work with Data at Rest Encrypted databases
  2. PBM runs backups sequentially, there is no support for parallel backups. Tbh, I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean by the backup on parallel. Can you provide a use case that needs parallel backups?
  3. Yes, since v2.0.3 supports incremental backups. This feature is in technical preview though.


Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your professional suggestion!

for the question 2: I mean if possible to issue the parameter like parallel or threads like below:

pbm backup -type incremental --base parallel 4 ?
pbm backup -type incremental --base threads 4 ?

Seems no.

So my question change to how to speed up the backup/restore performance ?


Ah, I see.
Backup uploads on S3/Azure storages are happening concurrently by default (for logical and physical backups, incremental included). As for the restores, we have the changes in “main” that significantly speeds up physical restores from S3 type of storages. It is to be released in the next PBM version.

Do you have issues with backups/restores speed? Can you elaborate more if so? What’s the storage type? Backups type (logical/physical)? Is it backup, restore or both? What’s the dataset size? How far is the storage from the cluster (the same region etc)?


Hi @Andrew_Pogrebnoi

Thanks for your updates!

Currently, No performance issue on backup/restore activities.

For backup to local filesystem, Does the concurrently behaivor happened by default?


No, unfortunately no concurrentcy for FS atm.

Thank you! @Andrew_Pogrebnoi