slow response from PMM grafana

There are 15 RDS aurora clusters to monitor, I’m using EC2 instance with t2.large instance class. I’m still seeing very slow response from grafana window and some times QAN is completely not responding. I see some metrics after restarting the admin client. Please let me know, Is there some thing I can do to get better response.

do you use 1.0.7 of PMM Server?
grafana improved some performance in 4.0.0 version.

I recommend use instance (better CPU, EBS and Network performance).
instances comparison,r4.large,r4.2xlarge,m4.4xlarge

Also It is needed to significantly increase METRICS_MEMORY, see the link

and you can disable userstats and tablestats metrics for mysql
run the following commands on all instances

pmm-admin remove mysql:metrics
pmm-admin add mysql:metrics --disable-tablestats --disable-userstats