Shared memory Kernel parameters - Recommendation for Percona server for mongoDB

There is no recommendation for below kernel parameters from percona side. Please check and confirm whether any of these parameters has to be setup or its not required for percona server for MongoDB enviroment or server.


This was intentional, as they are not required to be set. They are all possible to set but highly dependant on the system involved and the workload involved, as such a general advice was too complicated to document. The only time I really see this set is in RDBMS, NoSQL is different and while shm/sem in specific are not generally needed to be tweaked in most databases, but rather are tweak about for extreme environments and special cases.

Based on your list I expect your coming either from Oracle or DB2, and even MySQL or Postgres need this set under normal conditions. MongoDB specifically with the desire to use smaller nodes is less likely to need extra configurations.