Setup alerts for slow queries in PMM

Hi Team,

I would like to add alert for slow queries from query analytics in PMM.
Let me know if it is possible.


Hi @bkumar11,

If you’re looking to create an alert on Query Analytics dashboard, I don’t think this is possible. There are possible options for you to track the side effect of the slow queries for eg, increased load, connections, CPU, disk io etc. That said, can you elaborate on your question on what exactly are you planning to do?


Hi @kedarpercona ,

We are using PMM for AWS RDS Aurora PostgreSQL.
We have enable pg_stat_statements in order to collect the queries executed in our database and in PMM query analytics we could see the queries as well. Our requirement is, from the QAN for a query if the time taken for it to execute is greater than a certain threshold we should be able to send alerts.