Setting custom name for Replica Set Config Server

How to set a custom name for Replica Set Config Server?
The default is “cfg”
I tried this option, but it did not work.

    enabled: true
      size: 3
      configuration: |
          replSetName: myCustomName

Is this not possible at all as noted here?

I would like to migrate the existing selfhosted Mongodb to Kubernetes and try to use this procedure:

The config replica set name on the source MongoDB is not “cfg”.
Is renaming the config replica set to “cfg” on the source MongoDB the only way to do this?

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Hi @kamuna !
I believe currently it is not possible with the procedure you linked. What comes into mind is maybe doing a logical backup then renaming the replica inside it, but that could be messy even if possible.

I would encourage you to open a Jira ticket here: under project: K8SPSMDB and describe your use case so it will be considered for some future release (from what I see it should not be hard to implement).

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