Option to change k8s service name of mongodb replicaset

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we’re currently experimenting a little with the percona mongodb-server and the mongodb operator in on of our environments.
As we want to migrate from another mongodb replicaset, which is also exposed by a k8s service, it would be good if we could change the service name of the percona mongodb-server to something else within the helm chart. Currently the service will be deployed named as mongodb-psmdb-db-rs0.

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Hello @bennedikt.wagner - can you please explain the reasoning here?
Right now Service resources are created using the cluster name as the base - <CLUSTER_NAME>-<REPLICA_SET>.

I think we can allow users to tweak it, but not sure about the use case here.

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Hey Sergey thanks for your quick response !

In our case, one reason is that we send the service name through several external services. Another servicename would lead to a lot of changes for us. Therefore, it would be easier to configure the servicename itself to the previous one.

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Got it. Yeah, for now it is not possible to configure it that way.

As a workaround you can create a service manually and maintain it, but that is not really an operator way.

I created this ticket: [K8SPSMDB-889] Support Custom Service names - Percona JIRA

Also we will monitor the upvoting in our public roadmap: [K8SPSMDB-889] Support Custom Service names · Issue #87 · percona/roadmap · GitHub


any update on this as it is a blocker for our mongodb setup

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Exactly … you should use different namespaces instead. Totally transparent …