Server resources required for 2TB of remote mysql backup with Percona Xtrabackup


I have migration of MySQL database with Innodb engine of 2Tb data with zero data loss on existing application.

How many CPU, RAM & network speed link is required to complete this migration within same day.

Is there any benchmarking in Percona Xtrabackup for such huge database backup?

Hi Supriya,

Here you will be looking into some best practices. For example:

  1. Compression - Since you are streaming it over the wire, it’s better to waste some CPU cycles (fast) and have a smaller backup to send over the wire (slow) . Have a look at --compress parameter

  2. Parallelism - In order to speed up copy / compress operations, you can do them in parallel, check --parallel (for copying multiple files) and --compress-threads to fork multiple threads to perform compression

  3. Apply log - There is one very important parameter to speed up --prepare phase which is --use-memory

In summary, for such operations we always advise you to test with a limited scope (smaller dataset), note down all the steps required to perform the backup / restore and once you are comfortable with the whole process you can perform it with your live data.