Same host, cross database transactions possible? Percona/MySQL, Innodb/ExtraDb


Are cross-database transactions supported for Innodb and/or ExtraDB with Percona and/or MySQL?

I am not asking about cross-server or cluster, just a simple single host with multiple databases. I would expect transactions to be supported across database since the meta data files are shared. When I test it seems to be ok with MySQL and InnoDB at least i.e. locks are held until the end of the transaction and rollback seems to work.

But can anyone give me definitive answers?

I cannot find anything in any documentation or any authoritative responses in StackOverFlow etc.

Many Thanks,


Hi perconagw;

It definitely works as you found, but I could not find any documentation on it either. So what caveats may exist I could not say, but for basic use cases, it seems to work fine (i.e. start transaction; update test1.a set id=1; update test2.b set id=1; commit). Given that, it would work with InnoDB and XtraDB since both have the same base code.