Running agent on Galera cluster

Would there be a correct process to get this set-up monitoring a whole cluster? I am migrating from a single DB server to a 3 node XtraDB cluster and would like to keep cloud tools running.

Do I need to set the agent up on every node (but maintain the same user for each node)?


Yes, you need to install percona-agent on all nodes of the cluster but standard install on first node of cluster and for the remaining nodes you can specify same agent user.

When attempting to install on the remaining nodes, I used the directions from

However it appears that something is wrong.

I tested that I was able to login with the percona-agent username and password. Then passed them in using the
-agent-mysql-user and -agent-mysql-pass flags.

I see the following output when attempting to install the agent:

In order to get the slave agents installed I had to use switch to interactive mode.

It wouldn’t go into interactive mode using just

Hope this helps anyone who might run into this issue.