Run PBM remote can not connect to MongoDB

I am implementing MongoDB and PBM using Operator.
For my project requirements, I wanted to be able to manage and configure backups from outside the MongoDB pod.
I tried installing the PBM CLI outside the pod, the configuration to storage config and mongodb-uri was successful.
However, when performing administrative operations such as “pbm status”, “pbm backup -t physical”, an error appears: Error: connect to mongodb: create mongo connection: mongo ping: server selection error (same as topic: [PMB can not connect to Mongodb](https :// )

Is there any way I can do what I want?

I’ve tried insert documents that simulate pbm’s records to the admin.pbmCmd collection. However PBM agent only triggers when I insert data using MongoCompass, it doesn’t work with mongosh and python mongo driver, even though the record is identical.
Is there something wrong?