Percona backup for MongoDB 4.4

I’m recently using mongodb community edition for a while and I want to take backups using percona. But I dont have idea on how to take the backup for mongodb using percona backup and the official document also sucks as the contents are not understandable for a new user, so kindly any one help me with this regard, how to install and use percona backup for mongodb

Thanks in advance

Hi @Wwe_Star
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I would suggest to go through the Quick Start guide for the installation part. Now, regarding understanding the architecture, how it works, I would suggest to go through architect details.

I have installed the pbm using the guide you have provided and now I need to take backups, and when I run the pbm command it shows the following error, I also tried to connect using the mongodb-uri, but it shows the error can you guide me with this regard ?

Hi @Wwe_Star
It’s pretty straight forward to deploy and take backup using pbm, you can follow the page to configure the pbm.
From the above error, it looks like, authentication and pbm mongodb uri is missing.
You can also checkout our youtube video in which we discussed about pbm.


Okay sir I will try it and getback

Thanks for your valuable time to reply
Gousik Rao N

I’m getting this error when I try to start the pbm-agent. I have installed through the tarballs and configured it manually by watching the youtube video you have suggested in the above reply please kindly can you help me in this issue !!

Hi @Wwe_Star

  1. Follow this page to install pbm on Ubuntu.
  2. Once installed, configure it by creating a user for pbm by following this page.
  3. Follow this page MongoDB connection URI for pbm-agent.
  4. Now, Set the MongoDB connection URI for pbm CLI by following this page.
  5. Then configure the storage where backup should be kept, follow this page.
  6. Now, Start the pbm-agent process - Percona Backup for MongoDB
  7. Now, you can take a backup by following this page Make a backup - Percona Backup for MongoDB

Hope it clears everything.